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umphalex February 4, 2013
Let me start out by saying that this is a pretty underated show. It's definitely pretty proggy and out there at times but a great show.

The Miss Tinkle's Overture is still by far the best version I've ever heard to date and I've been to 50 plus UM shows and have downloaded tons tons more. It is pure energy and pumps you up with a sort of metal dance party.

The visions with the blues for los angeles jam is down right nasty....deep trancy, jazzy, jam that is super tasty and not a usual sound for the band.

Set 2 Highlights were of course the nice beatles cover, but the Crooked one into Utopian is big and bad. The crooked one gets a little dark but very jammy and the Utopian fir gets dark as well but has a really nice tail end of reggae that's a bit longer and extended than normal.

Hot for teacher was real appropriate since the teachers were all striking up at the capitol and made for a great end.

Night 2 of this run was the bee's knee's though....

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