Reviews attached to January 21, 2018

Andys_Last_Plunger January 22, 2018
Fuckin' legendary.

I've only been listening to/going to UM shows for about 6 years, so, obviously, I'm fairly new to the band in the grand scheme of things. Also my first time being able to see the band 3 nights in a row, and in my hometown. Friday night was sick, Saturday (my 10th UM show) was somehow even crazier than that, and then we got hit with this.

When they announced the theme at the beginning of the night it opened up a new world of possibilities. Since they limited themselves to playing one debut from each year, the band must have had to go through a lengthy process choosing which songs to play. The setlist that came out of that process reads like a 'Greatest Hits' album (no pun intended). Heavy hitters the entire show, but still with unique moments where you could tell the band was, as they always are, pushing themselves into new territory within their well established material. I've always loved Umphrey's ability to 'rage, rest, repeat' during their shows, they give their audience time to re-energize before hitting their next shot out of the park, but this show was a very, VERY cool change of pace from the band's 'typical' spiel. No rest, no repeats. Only raging.

If you're an Umphrey's McGee fan you absolutely MUST listen to this show. Absolutely fucking incredible.

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