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Red Baron was originally performed by Billy Cobham. It has been performed by Umphrey's McGee 71 times. It was last played 2023-01-19, which was 113 shows ago.

Every Time Played by Umphrey's McGee

Date Played Venue Show Gap SetSong Before Song After Footnote
1998-01-21 Bridget McGuire's Filling Station, South Bend, IN11Bob > Divisionsdebut, Billy Cobham; with Birthday wishes from Mike
1998-01-29 Club 23, South Bend, IN11KimbleMuffburger Sandwich
1998-01-31 Marion Street, South Bend, IN12G-Song > G-Song
1998-02-07 Benchwarmers, South Bend, IN11All In TimeDivisions
1998-02-28 Madison Oyster Bar, South Bend, IN51AugustFF
1998-03-27 713 Notre Dame Avenue, South Bend, IN41***Pick Your Nose
1998-04-01 The Landing, South Bend, IN22Stir It Up > G-Song
1998-04-15 The Landing, South Bend, IN21HoursThe Other Side of Things
1998-04-25 Mickey's Pub, South Bend, IN61The Other Side of ThingsBob
1998-05-02 Madison Oyster Bar, South Bend, IN21KimbleVibewith Canteloupe Woman (Grant Green) teases from Joel
1998-06-06 Madison Oyster Bar, South Bend, IN91***Much Obliged
1998-08-29 Mickey's Pub, South Bend, IN312x2Divisions
1998-09-11 Rock Bottom Brewery, Milwaukee, WI21Salamander StrutAll In Time
1998-09-17 Czar's 505, St. Joseph, MI21Front PorchThe Other Side of Things
1998-09-19 Alvard Theater, Ashland, WI22Front PorchAvenue
1998-09-25 Benchwarmers, South Bend, IN11KimbleJessica
1998-10-29 Finnigan's, South Bend, IN71***Muffburger Sandwich
1998-11-04 The Landing, South Bend, IN21Front PorchMuch Obliged
1998-11-14 Madison Oyster Bar, South Bend, IN21***Phil's Farm
1998-12-09 The Factory, South Bend, IN31DivisionsMuff II: The Revenge
1998-12-11 Martyrs', Chicago, IL11***All In Time
1999-01-21 Mickey's Pub, South Bend, IN42***G-Song
1999-01-23 Elbo Room, Chicago, IL21***Much Obliged
1999-01-30 Benchwarmers, South Bend, IN31Much Obliged > Muff II: The Revenge
1999-02-05 Barrelhouse Brewery, Cincinnati, OH11All In TimeThe Other Side of Things
1999-02-27 Madison Oyster Bar, South Bend, IN71Hangover > Drumswith members of Ray's on keyboard, guitar, and percussion
1999-03-17 Madison Oyster Bar, South Bend, IN11***The Other Side of Things
1999-04-09 Benchwarmers, South Bend, IN71***All In Time
1999-04-16 Cheers, South Bend, IN22G-Song > Divisions
1999-04-30 Mango Grill, Madison, WI52Slacker > Hours
1999-05-07 Madison Oyster Bar, South Bend, IN21***Bob
1999-05-11 South Bend Brewery, South Bend, IN11***The Other Side of Things
1999-06-17 Mickey's Pub, South Bend, IN141Intro2x2
1999-06-18 Barrelhouse Brewery, Cincinnati, OH12G-SongDer Bluten Katwith Nick Blasky on bass
1999-06-29 Calumet Arts Cafe, Buffalo, NY41Slacker > 2x2
1999-07-04 Les Conneries, Montreal, QC22Slacker > Drums
1999-07-19 The Bluebird Nightclub, Bloomington, IN81***Slacker
1999-09-02 Gameworks, Schaumburg, IL72SlackerAll Night Long
1999-10-01 Madison Oyster Bar, South Bend, IN52JoseHangover
1999-10-23 Calumet Arts Cafe, Buffalo, NY51Lively Up YourselfMamu
1999-10-29 Madison Oyster Bar Warehouse, South Bend, IN11*** > SlackerRay's Music Exchange began the song, and was slowly replaced by Umphrey's
1999-12-18 Magoo's Underground Lounge, Chicago, IL72I've Got a FeelingThe Other Side of Things
2000-02-04 Bell's Brewery, Kalamazoo, MI42DrumsHangover
2000-03-31 The Patio, Indianapolis, IN71*** > Slacker
2000-05-18 Brother Jimmy's, Chicago, IL822x22nd Selfwith Nick Kovach on harmonica
2000-06-14 Club Soda, Kalamazoo, MI51Slacker > Slacker
2000-06-24 Angelic Brewery, Madison, WI41***FF
2000-08-19 Weed Street Summer Fest, Chicago, IL151*** > Slacker
2000-08-30 The Roost, Dennison University, Granville, OH61Front PorchDivisions
2000-09-01 The State Theatre, South Bend, IN11All In TimePow
2000-09-29 The Bluebird Nightclub, Bloomington, IN81***Phil's Farm
2000-10-13 Wetlands Preserve, New York, NY51***Der Bluten Kat
2000-10-28 The State Theatre, South Bend, IN72Front Porch > 40's Theme
2000-12-01 Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI121*** > Out Of Order
2001-02-19 Wetlands Preserve, New York, NY212***Divisions
2001-03-23 Otto's, DeKalb, IL121*** > Example 1
2001-05-02 The Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI171DivisionsProwler
2001-06-13 Mondo's, Iowa City, IA181***Much Obliged
2001-07-10 Winston's, San Diego, CA171***2x2
2001-08-12 Weed Street Summer Fest, Chicago, IL101***Phil's Farm
2001-10-23 The Blue Note, Columbia, MO331Intro > Hurt Bird Bath
2002-02-13 Axis, Bloomington, IN341The Triple Wide > Drumswith Ray's Music Exchange
2002-02-13 Axis, Bloomington, IN01Drums ***with Ray's Music Exchange
2003-07-08 House of Glass, Dunsmuir, CA2312Resolution > Big Heart
2003-08-23 Mishawaka Brewing Company, Mishawaka, IN142Example 140's Theme
2003-12-05 The Bluebird Nightclub, Bloomington, IN491XRT Xmas Promo Medley > Wife Soup
2004-02-10 The Union Bar, Iowa City, IA192Bright Lights, Big CityNemo
2004-11-10 The Foundry Nightclub, Dayton, OH1161***Walletsworth
2005-02-24 The Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins, CO262ResolutionThe Crooked One
2005-04-30 Tipitina's Uptown, New Orleans, LA332Ringo > Ringowith Topaz on saxophone
2023-01-19 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY17622Miami VirtueNo Comment

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