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dteddymcgee9 October 21, 2012
This show is INCREDIBLE! I met Thor!! Cant go wrong with a 40's Theme, than Miami Virtue got the crowd dancing! Kris tells some silly jokes after Push the Pig in his Pamela Anderson Cooper costume. More energy with Mulches witch goes into an OG Haunt. First mash ,Addicted to Kiss, was hilarious with the dancing women on stage to end the first set! Second set opens with what was Kids at first but than Come as You Are mashes in to get the crowd raging! Mulche's comes back from the first set which made me thrash! One of my favorite All In Time jams, than a Day Nurse to chill the crowd out. Some very classic songs mashed to end the set. The first encore really left me with enough when In the Puppet Kitchen came out, but than an N2F for a second encore is absurd!! This whole concert is absurd!!! Really exemplifies Umph's creativity and characteristics. Nothing better than Umphrey's McGee!!

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