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umphalex February 4, 2013
I would have to completely disagree with the final comment on the first review of this show about the other covers slowing down the show.

I can say that this was my 5th NYE show with UM and my 35th show of UM all together and thought ALL of the cover choices were spot on.

The Demolition Man cover was excellent, UM has covered a ton of Police over the years and this one was a real treat off of "ghost in the machine" album.

And then the Beck cover of Mixed Bizness to bring in the new year was some great funk with fun lyrics!

Definitely highlights of this show are the whole first set being a free flowing complete piece of music that was quite beatiful. Also Kris Myers putting on his soul shoes and doing James Brown right in set 2 was a real treat!

The All in time of this show will be forever in my mind of how far UM can take it, in all different facets and forms of music. And dont forget about how badass it gets wheen cody dickinson does washboard on the slacker. Jake and Cody get dark and heavy and wonderful.

Great show!

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