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bkahn67 November 3, 2012
WOW!!! Great Venue, Great Show. If you have never been to Penns Peak you are missing out, what a nice place to see UM !!! The show was bursting with energy from start to finish. The Wife Soup was out of control with jamming peaks that will make your hair stand up. A+++++

Misstinkle420 November 3, 2012
UMazing! My first Floyd cover, which I have been chasing, and I needed that All In Time, thank you Umphrey's! This setlist and this venue result in an umphreaking dream come true. Can't wait til they come back.

timmywolf15 November 3, 2012
went to halloween and this show and I don't know really which was better. bayliss and stasik killed it last night that one thing is for sure

BagelGlory November 3, 2012
I saw UM for my first time at Penn's Peak last time they played there. I was really excited to go back, and expected a heater. The band delivered!
Set 1 started of strong with Wife Soup, but then I got a little down because of RtB and breathe goin down. The MO started to pick things up and then BAM! Uncommon! Was this the bustout Joel tweeted about earlier? BAM Eat! 2x2 had a little bit of nice improv and Bayliss was tearing it up.
Set 2 started off with a bang with Robot World. It got real heavy real fast. Like dark industrial style.
The Segue into Higgins was executed well and this quickly became the jam of the night IMO. I was really hoping for a big DBK and we got it! the first part at least. It was real strong and then they threw in No Comment which wasn't a disappointment because its such a fun song. It seemed like a strange song to throw into an otherwise heavy portion of the set but it wasn't awkward in the least. That's why I love this band so much.
I wasn't a huge fan of the mashup, and the AIT was standard. When the encore was WBG I was starting to get ready to leave and then what? FULL BAND ORFEO?!?! It was a real treat to see so many gems at one show.
After the show on Wednesday at the Fillmore it was REALLY nice to have a lot more room in this venue.
I love Penn's Peak and I love UM! Please come back next year!

the_snucka November 3, 2012
This show was bloody fantastic start to finish. With a Wife Soup opener you know you are in for a treat. The Much Obliged jam was dirty, had a couple different sections worth listening to. If you're looking for a metal, in your face, rock show look no further. Wizard into a full band Orfeo was beautiful, and the return to wizard flawlessly segued into Joel's piano solo.

Personal highlights: Wife soup, MO> Uncommon, 2x2, Robot World> Higgins, Wizard> Orfeo> Wizard

**Just have more fun than everyone around you**

Mikem0487 November 12, 2012
The energy was through the roof for this show! Started off right away with nipples>Wife Soup which was a treat and got the flow of the night going. This was a great show for rarities(for me anyways). Got my first Robots world which I think was the jam of the night, my second no comment, wife soup, WBG, Orfeo and uncommon all of them btw were welcomed by me. RtB had a nice jam solid jam in it and went into a reggae/funky PF cover. MO had the best jam for the first set that took a little bit to develop but took off than dropped right into Uncommon which was great! Eat was its standard self but 2x2 was a great way to finish the set and got everyone extremely pumped for the second set.
Robot world opener was insane. Have not listened back to it yet but was around 15 minutes long and contained a heavy dance party/industrial jam in it that was real legit. Highlight right there for me. Higgins is a good song that always contains excellent jams/guitar dueling and did not disappoint! DBK>NC>DBK is beautiful. Love DBK and the jams that it produces! No comment did let the energy subside some what but the last part of DBK always picks up the energy no matter what precedes it. Life During Exodus was an excellent mash up and loved how they were able to combine Marley/Talking Heads/Zappa into one fluid sick ass song. Some of my favorite bands/musicians mashed into one song, no complaints from me here! Ended the set with a standard AIT. Seemed rushed but I do love this song though it needs room to breathe and defiantly is not a good choice with only 10 minutes left in the set.
Encore was awesome. Took me seeing WBG live to really appreciate the song and I really enjoyed this version with Orfeo breaking up the heaviness that ensues during WBG.
Excellent show all around. They always throw down at JT so if you are within driving distance dont miss the next time they are in the area!

danoc January 29, 2013
Umphrey's McGee @ Penn's Peak is by far the most beautiful thing these two eyes have ever witnessed. Coming out to Nipple Trix is always a treat to start off a show. Grabbed everyone attention from the start...right into an original but yet wonderful Wife Soup. RtB was good for the venue right into a Floyd cover(Breathe) with a dub theme which was pretty bad ass. Much Obliged was awesome, very funky..very very funky. big fan of that. Uncommon and eat were accepted by me. 2x2 is a great way to end the 1st set and get us real pumped up for the 2nd. 2nd Set: Robot World was kick ass, jammed hard for a long ass time, into an attention grabbing higgins to bring people back to real life. DBK was perfect, give that a listen if u can. Into a No Comment that made people get down, back into DBK. Exodus was a dance party and really had people enjoying the moment. Didn't see that one coming, a perfect ALT left people nearly crying as the set came to a finish. Encore: came out to a WBG into Joel's favorite Orfeo back into WBG to end the show. Great show everyone who was there was given a kick ass show and after that halloween run left people begging UM to come back to the east coast. UM

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