Reviews attached to October 25, 2012

JaPunk October 26, 2012
Perhaps the greatest Umphrey's show I've been to since 2008. SOO much energy, due in part from the band having played Toronto last night and a Kalamazoo crowd that always come out to support the local band.

The light show accompanying Booth Love was the craziest display of lights that I've ever seen, from any band. That wasn't just a concert; it was a full-fledged performance, showmanship, an entire experience.

Thanks for the classics mixed in with a few new songs. WMM and Ringo set the tone in set I, making way for Mullet and Hangover in II. Plus some of the new songs, which have already become staples, like Mantis, Booth Love (not exactly new).


All around, an incredible show. next october give the peoples a few nights in the zoo, we'll come out I can promise you that.

RobotDutchman October 26, 2012
Last night's show had an incredible amount of energy, twice that of when I last saw them at The Interlochen Center for the Arts. It had a nice heavy metal feel to last night's show which is always awesome. The Booth Love with a little Eminem jam was sweet, but the
"Young Lust" filling in the "Hangover" was an unexpected treat after they already killed "Kashmir" in the first set. It was also a nice time for "White Man's Moccasins", haven't heard that live in a couple of years since the Orbit Room in '09. Also, I love the way they are starting to mess around with "Mantis" a little more this time adding the Rage jam in there. I second that request for a second night next year here in the Zoo and if not that then at least a Grand Rapids show and a K-Zoo show on back to back nights. Umphrey's, WE LOVE YOU!

All_Things_Foxy October 29, 2012
I saw them in Cleveland two or three days before this at the House of Blues and I must say I agree with the last post that the energy in Kalamazoo was ridiculous in comparison.

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