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oldedrums October 18, 2012
Great show. Great band. My first UM show. Loved the music and sound. HATED the lighting. I was in the balcony and flat out could not see the band through the intense beams of light focused on the audience that pulsed to the music. I beliive I might have seen the band 10% of the show, only when the light show wasn't going. Moved to the floor and then the light beams were going directly into my eyes. I had to close them or hold my hand across my forehead. I love seeing the band play, but I could not see. If every show is going to be lit that way, it doesn't make sense to see them live. I don't know if this is a new show enhancement or all shows feature the same light show. I truly believe this needs to be re-thought. I understand that artists look to enhance the experience visually. Bands like Rush and Pink Floyd are masters of this. I feel this choice of lighting immensely detracted from the experience. I hope the band loses this light show and tries something else.

nikeskatefasho October 18, 2012
I can understand how you feel about the intense light show. You need to get yourself a pair of official UM sunnies to protect your eyes from the madness. The lights are very intense and the music is equally intense. The whole UM experience pushes your brain to the limit of what it can handle. I begun describing it as assault music to first timers. I compare it to seeing Ween play live. Ween and Umphrey's play a super hard, "in your face" style of show and it makes SOME people want to leave and never come back. Those who stay are the true fans and will continue to get blasted by some of the best music you'll get a chance to hear. Don't give up on UM after seeing just one show. Every show is different and your experiences will change!
WILLIE THE PIMP! Wish I was able to hear that, one of my favorite Zappa tunes.
P.S I love allthingsumphreys!

corkyzett October 18, 2012
Show was great! Loved the setlist and the re-worked theater! Sorry this was your first UM show and you hated the lights, but they are an integral part of the experience dude. Waful is a master behind that board and the lights help feed the energy the band is putting out there! Plus, the new additions to the walls on the sides of the stage were pretty tight as well. They did mention on twitter that the new venue had the biggest light rigging they had ever seen, so that also may have added to the feeling of being overwhelmed. I, for one, loved it!

wappysprayberry13 October 18, 2012
i left (essentially) the same review on the bort (and can't be bothered to write a different one). this show was SOLID. first set didn't do anything TOO noteworthy until visions and bright lights...but those were BOTH pretty over the top. this band always impresses me but now having listened to them SOOO much and seen them a good handful of times (i think i'm up around 30 shows...need to get an accurate count) over the past 5 years i don't usually get as floored as i did at the end of this first set. i was pretty speechless. i'm curious to give it a listen again and see if it does the same for me as it did last night or if i wasn't somewhat blurred/biased a little by the "being there" factor. waful was totally on point last night. dear lord he is good at what he does. such a pro. i actually feel the opposite of the reviewer below (although i respect his opinion) that i LOVED being totally immersed in the lights. yes...the smoke effects were very dense, obviously so as to enhance the lights and give them more depth and richness, but it definitely didn't impede my vision of the band (then again, i was on the floor, mid-center and wasn't looking through them as much as being in them/under them). sorry your experience wasn't enhanced by the lights. the second set was pretty damn tasty start to finish. mulches, dump, the 2x2/glory sandwich, a well placed (and good choice) walrus cover, a better than average N2F w/willie the pimp and then a divisions enc taboot??...i can not see a DAMN thing to bitch about with ANYTHING in this set. i will let the endorphins diffuse for a few days and then give this a close listen to see if what i'm about to say is actually accurate...but this show (for me) fell into the top 20%, and probably even 10% of all the shows i've seem by them. very impressed...and once again baffled by how this band is not selling out venues like MSG etc. ANYONE who digs TRUE rawk and phenomenal musicianship will go to great lengths to see these guys whenever possible. i haven't seen a thread about this, but can anyone propose even one credible theory as to why these guys are not selling out every fucking show they play and subsequently being FORCED to play larger venues? i don't get it. and lastly may i just add...kris myers is a fucking BEAST. holy christ. total animal. A+ for effort 100% of the time. soo soo soo good.

Cooneys_Last_Beer October 18, 2012
Show was awesome, best small venue I've ever been to, and the lights were awesome, as always. Staff and security were cool as well. First set highlights were definitely Visions and Bright Lights, two killer versions right here. Second set was awesome the whole way through. I'll definitely be buying the SBD when it's released, this was one of the best shows I've seen all summer. Also, the upstairs seating at the Cap gives you an awesome view with the 360 degree projections that go all around you enhancing Waful's always sick lighting wizardry. Also it was awesome news to hear that UM will be playing the Beacon Theater for the first time in January.

radiogolden October 18, 2012
First of all, it's wonderful to see the venue listed as Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY. The refurbished theater is amazing. Did everybody notice the faces in the wallpaper?

The first set was solid, but not spectacular, although the closing Bright Lights really took off. The second set was intense from start to end. The notes say it was a tease, but Dump City contained a fully-articulated "It's About That Time." The 2x2 jam quickly gave way to Glory, and when it came back around to 2x2 we were treated to a soaring Bayliss solo. The segue from Walrus to N2F was fire, and at that point the light projections on the walls and ceiling took over. Somewhere in there was a second Bayliss solo and the surprise Willie the Pimp. I wasn't sure what to expect for an encore, but Divisions with the sweet Pequod tease fit the bill.

Waful was in his glory with with the house rig and his new MAC Viper instruments. Sunglasses are advised. The only thing that could make this experience better would be if AbovetheDave from PT would write a review.

thesixgun October 21, 2012
at 1 minute into N2F reprise, there is a stairway to heaven tease if you listen close.

This was one of the coolest venues ive been to in a long time. Really interesting setup, and perfect for the umph. Brought 2 UM virgins who werent sure they would like it. 25 seconds into the Rocker part 2 they both looked at me and apologized for everything they previously said. Flawless performance, unbelievable and super interesting jams, and an amazing setlist. They just returned from a short break from playing shows, and it showed. They seemed relaxed, and totally set on destroying everything in their path. The umlive recording is going to be the only thing in my car cd player for weeks.