10.31.2009 Las Tortugas - Dance of the Dead IV, Groveland (Yosemite), CA, USA

Set 1: JaJunk[1] > 2x2[2] -> Q*Bert[2] > 2x2, Cemetery Walk, Padgett's Profile, All In Time[3], Cemetery Walk II, Sweet Sunglasses[4]

Set 2: Intro > Nothing Too Fancy > Hangover > Night Gambler[5] > Nothing Too Fancy, FF -> Professor Wormbog[6], JaJunk, Mulche's Odyssey, Land Of Wappy[7]

Encore: 40's Theme, Nemo's Fat Bottomed Good Times[8]

[1] with Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson) jam and Another One Bites the Dust (Queen), Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin), and Rumble (Link Wray) teases
[2] with Late In the Evening (Paul Simon) jams
[3] with Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (Michael Jackson) jam
[4] debut; mash up of: Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics) + Sunglasses at Night (Corey Hart) + Electric Feel (MGMT)
[5] debut; mash up of: The Gambler (Kenny Rogers) + Night Fever (The Bee Gees) + Rapper's Delight (The Sugarhill Gang) + Bring the Noise (Public Enemy; with Andy on vocals)
[6] with Bill Kreutzmann on drums
[7] debut; mash up of: Wappy Sprayberry + Land of Confusion (Genesis) + Seek & Destroy (Metallica)
[8] debut; mash up of: Nemo + Fat Bottomed Girls (Queen) + Good Times Bad Times (Led Zeppelin)

Band costumes: Brendan as Captain Kirk Hammett, Jake was George Harrison Ford, Joel was Dirty Harry Caray, Andy was Wizard of Ozzie Guillen, Kris was Payne Stewart Copeland, and Ryan was Brett Michaels Jackson.

Purchase via UMLive: 10.31.2009, Las Tortugas - Dance of the Dead IV, Groveland, CA