07.04.2012 Moonlite Gardens, Cincinnati, OH, USA

Set 1: Jekyll & Hyde > Mulche's Odyssey, Sociable Jimmy, Great American, The Floor, Syncopated Strangers > White Pickle > Den > Syncopated Strangers > Black Sabbath > War Pigs[1] > Jam[2] > Andy's Last Beer

Set 2: Flamethrower > Bright Lights, Big City, Plunger > Go to Hell > Plunger, Night Nurse, Gin and Juice[3], Ocean Billy > Booth Love[4], Pay the Snucka > Ocean Billy

Encore: Let's Dance[1], Pay the Snucka

[1] with Cincinnati Brass Band, performing from the balcony
[2] Band v Horns challenge: Let Me Clear My Throat (DJ Kool; Horns) > The Ocean (Led Zeppelin; Band) > Bad Romance (Lady Gaga; H) > The Trooper (Iron Maiden; B) > Apache (The Sugarhill Gang; H) > Hot for Teacher (Van Halen; B) > Andy's Last Beer (H)
[3] with G. Love on harmonica and vocals
[4] with Baker Street (Gerry Rafferty) teases

last War Pigs 02.02.2010 (275 shows)
last Gin and Juice 02.06.2003 (1,198 shows)

Support: G. Love & Special Sauce
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