04.04.1998 Madison Oyster Bar, South Bend, IN, USA

Set 1: Salamander Strut, 10th Grade, August, Bob, All In Time, Gut Strut, Phil's Farm

Set 2: FF, G-Song > Bubblehouse > G-Song, Down Under[1], Muffburger Sandwich > Mean Mr. Mustard[2] > Muffburger Sandwich, The Other Side of Things, Rebubula > Orfeo > Rebubula

Set 3: Divisions, Vibe, Bathtub Gin > Dear Lord[3] > Patience, Hours > Kimble, Pick Your Nose > Stir It Up > Pick Your Nose

[1] debut, Men at Work
[2] debut, The Beatles
[3] referred to as "Ecstasy"