03.14.2009 The Egyptian Room, The Murat Centre, Indianapolis, IN, USA

Set 1: Hurt Bird Bath, Words > Got Your Milk (Right Here) > Pipeline > #5 -> Pay the Snucka[1], Preamble > Mantis

Set 2: 1348, Wappy Sprayberry[2] > Pay the Snucka[3], Atmosfarag[4], Rocker Part 2[5] > Miss Tinkle's Overture[6] > Thunderstruck[7] > Miss Tinkle's Overture[6], Mullet (Over)[8], Bridgeless

Encore: The Floor

[1] part I only; with Nick Blasky conducting; with Family Feud Theme jam
[2] with Workin' Day and Night (Michael Jackson) tease
[3] part III only
[4] with Prophecy Now tease
[5] unfinished
[6] with Jim Tobin on percussion
[7] one verse; with Jim Tobin on percussion
[8] with Miss Tinkle's Overture teases

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