11.18.2005 Irving Plaza, New York, NY, USA

Set 1: Great American > Andy's Last Beer, Syncopated Strangers, Immigrant Song, Roulette, Resolution > Prowler > Divisions

Set 2: The Triple Wide[1] > Wife Soup, Bad is Bad[2], Women Wine and Song[3], Plunger > Glory, Bridgeless, Sister Christian[4]

Encore: Heart and Soul[5], Pay the Snucka

[1] with Binary Sunset (from Star Wars) (John Williams) jam
[2] with Huey Lewis on harmonica and vocals
[3] with Huey Lewis on harmonica
[4] with Jeff Austin on vocals
[5] with Huey Lewis on vocals

with Theme from New York, New York (Frank Sinatra) quote from Kris before Heart and Soul

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