07.14.2002 Jim Kelley's Nugget Outdoor Amphitheater, Crystal Bay, NV, USA

One Set: Intro > Roulette, Dump City, The Fussy Dutchman, Example 1 > Sweetness > Anchor Drops, Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > Dr. Feelgood, Push the Pig[1] > Resolution[2] > Good Ol' Boys, White Man's Moccasins, 2nd Self

Encore: Mullet (Over), Waiting Room

[1] ended with Jake on keys; with Close Encounters of the Third Kind theme (John Williams) teases
[2] ended with Regulate (Warren G) tease

with It's About That Time (Miles Davis) teases before Tribute to the Spinal Shaft

Support: Col. Bruce Hampton and the Codetalkers