04.27.2013 Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL, USA

Set 1: Intro[1] > The Crooked One -> The Haunt > Sludge & Death, Preamble > Mantis[2] -> Dump City > Web Tangle[3] > Larceny[3] > Dump City, (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay[4], Susanah[5], A Fifth of Beethoven

Set 2: Front Porch, All Things Ninja[6], Debra, Soul Food II, The Floor, Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > That's What Love Will Make You Do, Bright Lights, Big City > Den > Bright Lights, Big City

Encore: Hot for Teacher

[1] with The Spirit of Radio (Rush) jam and Turn & Run fake-out
[2] unfinished
[3] debut, original
[4] debut, Otis Redding; Brendan on mandolin
[5] Brendan on mandolin
[6] with Divisions fake-out

private show put on by fans, billed as "Bill Graham for a Day"
the band came onto the stage for the first set one by one, starting with Andy
Web Tangle > Larceny were selections from the UMBowl "Raw Stewage" voting: In the Kitchen 04.07.2006 with lyrics > Dump City 02.07.2008
the band came out for the second set singing "One More Set" to the tune of One More Night (Phil Collins)
Front Port teased before Tribute to the Spinal Shaft
last Sludge & Death 04.12.2007 (703 shows)
last Debra 12.09.2000 (1,609 shows)
last Soul Food II 02.21.2006 (853 shows)
last That's What Love Will Make You Do 09.08.2001 (1,506 shows)

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