05.09.2013 Brendan and Jake, The Cubby Bear, Chicago, IL, USA

One Set: Puppet String > No Comment, The Linear > Glory, August > Cut the Cable > August, Soul Food I > The Girl Is Mine > Jane Says > The Girl Is Mine, Syncopated Strangers, Alex's House, Pork Chop Pie, Black Water, In The Kitchen > Mediterranean Sundance > White Pickle > In The Kitchen, Susanah, Mail Package, Two Dips, Walking On The Moon > Hajimemashite > Puppet String

Encore: Night Moves, Hangover[1] > Ride Wit Me[2] > 40's Theme[3]

[1] unfinished
[2] Nelly; one verse
[3] with Layla (Derek and the Dominos) tease

Summer Camp pre-party with Brendan and Jake
with They Love Each Other (Grateful Dead) tease before Pork Chop Pie

Support: Zmick