11.02.2013 Riverside Theater, Milwaukee, WI, USA

Set 1: Plunger > Much Obliged > Plunger, Higgins > Sweetness[1] > Comma Later, No Diablo, 40's Theme[2] > The Bed's Too Big Without You[3] > 40's Theme

Set 2: Preamble > Mantis > Mulche's Odyssey[4] > Mantis, Miami Virtue[5] > JaJunk, Push the Booth Deeper[6], ...And Justice for All

Encore: Bridgeless

[1] with Rebubula (moe.) tease
[2] with One Nation Under a Groove (Funkadelic) tease
[3] debut, The Police; incomplete
[4] with Who Knows (Jimi Hendrix) teases
[5] with Jake on keys
[6] debut; Booth Love + Deeper + Push the Pig mash-up

with La Grange (ZZ Top) tease before Miami Virtue
last ...And Justice for All 10.17.2008 (577 shows)

Support: Boombox
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