05.04.2014 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Set 1: Depth Charge > Robot World[1], Passing, Proverbial[2], Bad Friday, Fearless, Nothing Too Fancy[3] > Similar Skin[2] > Nothing Too Fancy[4]

Set 2: Ringo[5], Wappy Sprayberry > Utopian Fir[6] > All Night Long[6], Wizard Burial Ground

Encore: Unskinny Bop[7] > Mother[8], Divisions

[1] "Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics
[2] debut, original
[3] with Similar Skin teases
[4] with Mad Love tease
[5] "ogniR," the band played the song in reverse
[6] with Jake on percussion
[7] with Jake on drums and Kris on vocals; unfinished
[8] with Jake on drums and Kris on vocals

Nothing Too Fancy Music launch party
Proverbial was a selection from the UMBowl "Raw Stewage" voting: 02.25.2010 All In Time + 07.26.2007 Nemo
last Fearless 04.05.2009 (574 shows)
last Unskinny Bop 04.28.2003 (1,357 shows)

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