02.21.2015 Palace Theatre, Albany, NY, USA

Set 1: Dump City, Piranhas, Educated Guess, Atmosfarag > Plunger -> Andy's Last Beer, The Weight Around[1], Wappy Sprayberry[2] > Pay the Snucka

Set 2: All In Time > Hajimemashite[3] > Day Nurse, Ringo, Phil's Farm[4], August > All In Time

Encore: Bad Friday

[1] with Brendan on acoustic guitar
[2] with Alric Carter on keys and Isaac Teel on percussion
[3] with Breathe (Pink Floyd) jam
[4] with Vinnie Amico replacing Kris on drums

Support: TAUK
Purchase via UMLive: 02.21.2015, Palace Theatre, Albany, NY