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Appears on: Hall of Fame Class of 2013

Kabump has been played by Umphrey's McGee 243 times, across 240 show(s).
It was played at 8.67% of Umphrey's McGee shows.
It was last played 2024-02-07, which was 36 show(s) ago.
There have been 2731 show(s) since the live debut.
Since its debut, "Kabump" has been played, on average, once every 12 show(s).

Every Time Played by Umphrey's McGee

Date Played Venue Show Gap SetSong Before Song After Footnote
1998-08-27 Heartland, South Bend, IN3612x2 > Kimbledebut, original; (Ali Baba's Tahini composition)
1999-04-01 Mickey's Pub, South Bend, IN462KimbleG-Songwith Jake Cinninger on guitar
2001-01-26 The Barrymore Theatre, Madison, WI1571The FuzzDer Bluten Kat
2001-02-01 Otto's, DeKalb, IL222x2 > Mullet (Over)
2001-02-03 The Canopy Club, Urbana, IL21***The Fuzz
2001-02-08 The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, Chicago, IL12Kinky Reggae > Orfeo
2001-02-16 Club Metronome, Burlington, VT41The Fuzz-> Prowler
2001-02-18 The Snow Barn, Mt. Snow Ski Resort, West Dover, VT21Sociable Jimmy > A Fifth of Beethoven
2001-02-24 Club Soda, Kalamazoo, MI42*** > The Fuzz
2001-03-01 Cicero's, St. Louis, MO21She Came In Through The Bathroom Window > 2nd Self
2001-03-22 The Vogue Theatre, Indianapolis, IN62Lively Up Yourself > August
2001-03-24 Martyrs', Chicago, IL22Orfeo > Out Of Order
2001-03-29 The Music Box, Omaha, NE21Prowler > 2x2
2001-04-04 Sherpa & Yeti's, Breckenridge, CO22AugustJam
2001-04-06 Trilogy, Boulder, CO22*** > Der Bluten Kat
2001-04-12 The State Theatre, South Bend, IN22***Sociable Jimmy
2001-04-19 House of Blues, Chicago, IL32Front Porch > 40's Theme
2001-04-27 The Terrace, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI31Trenchtown Rock-> All In Time
2001-05-02 The Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI21Hangover > Anchor Drops
2001-05-19 ZBT House, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL61She Came In Through The Bathroom Window > Pay the Snucka
2001-05-25 RIBCO, Rock Island, IL21Intro-> Thin Air
2001-06-01 Bell's Brewery, Kalamazoo, MI32Señor Mouse > Kat's Tune
2001-06-07 The State Theatre, South Bend, IN31White Man's Moccasins > Kat's Tune
2001-06-14 The Music Box, Omaha, NE52*** > White Man's Moccasins
2001-06-21 Thursday's, Victoria, BC22White Man's Moccasins > She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
2001-06-26 The Avimore Arms Pub, Bend, OR41*** > Out Of Order
2001-07-03 Tongue-N-Groove, San Francisco, CA53Regulate-> Thin Airwith Winkie Chant (Wizard of Oz) and A Go Go (John Scofield) teases
2001-07-09 Temple Bar, Santa Monica, CA41***-> Water
2001-07-11 Legends Lounge, Las Vegas, NV22I Am the WalrusMullet (Over)with Kahlil Smylie on bass
2001-07-19 Skyline Stage - Navy Pier, Chicago, IL512x2 > White Man's Moccasins
2001-08-16 Field Museum, Chicago, IL51Utopian Fir ***
2001-08-24 The Fountain, Indianapolis, IN32Front Porch > Another Brick in the Wall
2001-08-29 The Cabooze, Minneapolis, MN31*** > Syncopated Strangers
2001-09-06 Madison Oyster Bar, South Bend, IN31FF > White Man's Moccasinswith "J5" jam
2001-09-15 Higher Ground, Winooski, VT61*** > Sociable Jimmy
2001-09-20 The Grog and Tankard, Washington, DC42*** > Garbage Manended with Alex Kalejs on harmonica; Low Rider (War) tease
2001-10-04 The Vogue Theatre, Indianapolis, IN41Coming In From the Cold > Blue Echo
2001-10-11 The Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI31***-> Rainbow Country
2001-10-20 The Rave Underground, Milwaukee, WI51I Am the Walrus > Hurt Bird Bathwith Mind Left Body (Garcia/Kanter) jam
2001-10-25 The Q Bar, Iowa City, IA31Slacker > Thin Air
2001-10-31 The Canopy Club, Urbana, IL31Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight > Out Of Order
2001-11-17 The Bluebird Nightclub, Bloomington, IN31Hajimemashite > 40's Theme
2001-12-06 Copper Dragon Brewing Company, Carbondale, IL51*** > 2nd Self
2001-12-13 The Vogue Theatre, Indianapolis, IN5e*** > Ain't No Fun (If the Homies Can't Have None)
2001-12-31 The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL22The Skunk, The Goose, and The Fly > All In Timewith Pat Mallinger on alto and soprano saxophone and David Young on trumpet; with Slipknot! (Grateful Dead) tease by Pat
2002-01-23 Durty Nellie's, Palatine, IL11Sociable Jimmy > Good Ol' Boyswith Syncopated Strangers jam and Divisions teases
2002-01-30 The Union Bar, Iowa City, IA42Garbage Man > Utopian Fir
2002-02-05 Cicero's, St. Louis, MO42Ringo > Roulette
2002-02-17 The 8x10, Baltimore, MD71*** > Last Call
2002-02-21 Peasant's, Greenville, NC31Walletsworth > Chevrolet
2002-02-26 Cumberland's, Charleston, SC31Band on the RunRoulette
2002-02-28 The Visulite Theater, Charlotte, NC22Sociable Jimmy > The Triple Wide
2002-03-02 Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA31*** > The Haunt
2002-03-06 The Orpheum, Tampa, FL32YYZ > Get Downwith Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne) and 40's Theme teases
2002-03-17 Club Dada, Dallas, TX71She Came In Through The Bathroom WindowAnchor Dropsended with Steve Molitz playing with Joel and Charlie Hitchcock trading off using Brendan's guitar before giving it back to him
2002-03-20 Bluegrass Brewing Company, Louisville, KY2e***Last Call
2002-04-05 The Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins, CO61Last Call2x2
2002-04-10 Sixteen Fifty, Hollywood, CA31*** > Example 1
2002-04-14 Mt. Shasta Ski Park, Mt. Shasta, CA51She Came In Through The Bathroom Window > Ringo
2002-04-18 The Domino Room at the Midtown Rock Rink and Roll, Bend, OR21The Fuzz > Resolution
2002-04-20 Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR21Waiting Room-> Dr. Feelgood
2002-05-03 Blue Nile, New Orleans, LA61Intro > Gesture Under a Mitten
2002-05-16 Schubas Tavern, Chicago, IL22Last Call > The Fuzzwith Jake beatboxing and Binary Sunset (from Star Wars) (John Williams) tease
2002-05-25 Buckeye Lake, Buckeye Lake, OH41*** > Roulette
2002-06-19 Little Brother's, Columbus, OH141Utopian Fir > Walletsworth
2002-07-10 The Wild Duck Music Hall, Eugene, OR91Out Of Order-> Baby You're A Rich Man
2002-07-18 The Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO51Divisions > Push the Pigended with Joe Hettinga on keys
2002-07-24 Axis, Bloomington, IN41Anchor Drops > Gesture Under a Mitten
2002-08-17 Joe's, Chicago, IL52Resolution-> The Crooked One
2002-08-23 Joey Harrison's Surf Club, Ortley Beach, NJ31*** > Push the Pig
2002-08-29 20th Century Theatre, Cincinnati, OH52Family Feud theme > In a Silent Wayended with Brad Myers and Nick Blasky taking the place of Brendan and Ryan for part of the song; with Tangerine (Led Zeppelin) tease
2002-09-21 The Buskirk-Chumley Theater, Bloomington, IN92Visions > Drums
2002-09-21 The Buskirk-Chumley Theater, Bloomington, IN02Drums > JaJunk
2002-10-05 The Barrymore Theatre, Madison, WI71Intro > Walletsworthwith Anchor Drops teases
2002-10-22 Club Dada, Dallas, TX91*** > 2nd Self
2002-11-14 The Bluebird Nightclub, Bloomington, IN71Intro > Gin and Juice
2002-11-23 The Cabooze, Minneapolis, MN61Intro > 2nd Self
2002-12-30 The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL72Uncommon-> 2x2
2003-01-24 The Temple Club, Lansing, MI32White Man's Moccasins ***with Jiggy teases
2003-01-28 People's, Ames, IA21Intro > The Fuzzwith The Crooked One tease
2003-02-07 Georgia Theatre, Athens, GA71Roulette > Amazing Gracewith Karl Engelmann
2003-02-12 The Blue Note, Columbia, MO312x2 > Walletsworth
2003-03-04 Theater of Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA912nd Self > Uncle Wally
2003-03-20 The Rave Underground, Milwaukee, WI62Last Man Swerving > Utopian Fir
2003-04-01 The Granada Theater, Lawrence, KS71The Girl Is Mine > Pay the Snucka
2003-04-07 Blue Cat's, Knoxville, TN41Anchor Drops > Mulche's Odyssey
2003-04-18 Bacchanalia Festival, Drake University, Des Moines, IA51Syncopated Strangers > Kat's Tune
2003-04-23 Train Hopper's, Oklahoma City, OK31Uncommon > Sweetnesswith Super Mario Bros. teases
2003-05-31 Belmont-Sheffield Festival, Chicago, IL151Waiting Room13 Dayswith Let Me Blow Ya Mind (Eve) tease
2003-06-18 Durty Nellie's, Palatine, IL72*** > Dirty Love
2003-06-27 The Ballard Firehouse, Seattle, WA82Andy's Last Beer > Uncommonwith Hurt Bird Bath tease
2003-07-11 House of Blues - Sunset Strip, West Hollywood, CA922x2 > Ringo
2003-07-17 Double Diamond, Aspen, CO41Uncommon-> Ringo
2003-07-26 Spirit of Chicago boat cruise, Chicago, IL41HangoverWife Soup
2003-08-22 Bell's Brewery, Kalamazoo, MI31Walletsworth > Thin Air"Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics
2003-09-04 The Buskirk-Chumley Theater, Bloomington, IN51Andy's Last Beer > Hysteria
2003-09-17 The Temple Club, Lansing, MI72Sociable Jimmy > Take It to Church
2003-09-26 The Granada Theater, Lawrence, KS61Big Heart > Cherub Rockwith Professor Wormbog teases
2003-10-02 12th & Porter, Nashville, TN322nd Self > Hajimemashitewith drum solo and Jake on blowdryer
2003-10-15 Witz End, Stevens Point, WI62Push the Pig > Q*Bert
2003-10-24 The Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH61In The Kitchen > 2x2
2003-11-07 Legends, Notre Dame, IN31Mail Package > Heart and Soul
2003-11-20 The Middle East, Cambridge, MA7e*** > Bad Pokerwith Billie Jean (Michael Jackson) teases
2003-12-05 The Bluebird Nightclub, Bloomington, IN71Push the Pig > Pay the Snuckawith The Safety Dance (Men Without Hats) teases
2003-12-30 The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL71Divisions-> 2nd Self
2004-01-06 M.V. Regal Empress, Atlantic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean21All In Time > Ocean Billywith All In Time and (Don't Fear) the Reaper (Blue Öyster Cult) teases
2004-01-31 The Cabooze, Minneapolis, MN42Nemo > Mail Package
2004-02-07 The Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO42Nemo > Wife Soup
2004-02-26 The Canopy Club, Urbana, IL102*** > Much Obliged
2004-03-10 The Buskirk-Chumley Theater, Bloomington, IN41August > Miss Gradenko
2004-03-27 Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC111Roulette > Ringowith Mail Package tease
2004-04-03 The Rave Underground, Milwaukee, WI32Dirty Love > Uncommon
2004-04-14 Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom, Denver, CO1e*** > Nemobegan with vocals to the tune of Rosanna (Toto)
2004-04-20 Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR31Anchor Drops > In The Kitchen
2004-04-24 House of Blues - Sunset Strip, West Hollywood, CA41***Anchor Drops
2004-05-13 Newby's, Memphis, TN9e*** ***with Rob Wasserman
2004-06-03 Piere's Entertainment Center, Fort Wayne, IN9e*** > Glorywith Rosanna (Toto) intro
2004-06-03 Piere's Entertainment Center, Fort Wayne, IN0eGlory > Uncommon
2004-07-04 Ribfest, Naperville, IL71Andy's Last Beer > Wife Soup
2004-07-21 Music Farm, Charleston, SC91Bad Poker > Hey Nineteen
2004-08-20 Alivearoo - Simon Estes Riverfront Amphitheater, Des Moines, IA712nd Self > Uncommon
2004-09-08 The Granada Theater, Lawrence, KS1022x2 > Resolutionwith Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin) tease
2004-09-15 George's Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville, AR61Mail Package > White Man's Moccasins
2004-10-29 Nuemo's, Seattle, WA191WalletsworthThe Bottom Half
2004-12-01 Blue Cat's, Knoxville, TN102Tomorrow Never Knows > Ocean Billy
2005-02-19 PromoWest Pavilion, Columbus, OH201Slacker > Believe the Lie
2005-02-25 The Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO41DivisionsBright Lights, Big Cityended with Get In The Van tease
2005-03-22 Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands121Bright Lights, Big City > Ain't No Fun (If the Homies Can't Have None)
2005-04-02 La Zona Rosa, Austin, TX61Women Wine and Song > Pipelinewith Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne) teases
2005-04-28 Copper Dragon Brewing Company, Carbondale, IL112Good Ol' Boys-> Mail Packagewith Heart and Soul (Huey Lewis and the News) tease
2005-04-30 Tipitina's Uptown, New Orleans, LA21Intro > Resolution
2005-05-07 Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA52In The Kitchen > 2nd Selfwith Rosanna (Toto) teases
2005-06-10 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, Manchester, TN131WalletsworthWife Soupwith Brendan and Jake on acoustics
2005-07-07 GMC Stadium, Sauget, IL81Resolution > Mail Package
2005-07-19 High Falls, Rochester, NY91*** > ResolutionJake encountered problems with his equipment and the band jammed without him for a few minutes; with Let Me Blow Ya Mind (Eve) tease
2005-08-24 The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ82Ocean Billy > Q*Bertwith Ilya Stemkovsky on percussion
2005-09-02 Mishawaka Brewing Company, Mishawaka, IN52Women Wine and Song > The Bottom Halfwith Kahlil Smylie replacing Ryan on bass and Steve Krojniewski on percussion; with Pork Chop Pie (Ali Baba's Tahini) jam
2005-09-10 Saranac Brewery, Utica, NY61Women Wine and Song > Power of Soul
2005-09-29 The Canopy Club, Urbana, IL92I Am the Walrus-> Pay the Snucka
2005-10-19 Abbey Road, Gainesville, FL101I've Got a Feeling > Wife Soup
2005-11-19 Irving Plaza, New York, NY161The Bottom Half > Hajimemashite
2005-12-02 Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR11Walletsworth > Dig A Pony
2005-12-31 Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL81All In Time > The Bottom Half
2006-02-09 First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN422x2 > Hajimemashite
2006-03-14 Mean Fiddler, London, England171Thin Air > Glory
2006-04-12 House of Blues, San Diego, CA132Got Your Milk (Right Here) > Liquidwith Rosanna (Toto) tease
2006-04-28 The Canopy Club, Urbana, IL91Partyin' Peeps > Waterwith Woody Woodpecker theme (George Tibbles and Ramey Idriss) tease
2006-05-05 Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA81Intentions Clear > Believe the Lie
2006-05-28 Three Sisters Park, Chillicothe, IL61Resolution > Mail Package
2006-06-30 Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds, Quincy, CA121*** > All In Time
2006-07-21 Soo Pass Ranch, Detroit Lakes, MN101Believe the Lie > Slackerended with Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne) jam
2006-08-25 Bill Monroe Memorial Music Park & Campground, Bean Blossom, IN121Out Of Order > Slacker
2006-09-27 The Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY101Resolution-> Thin Air
2006-10-18 Showbox at the Market, Seattle, WA922nd Self > Believe the Lie
2006-11-08 Liberty Hall, Lawrence, KS102The Bottom Half > The Bottom Half"Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics
2007-01-04 MSC Lirica, Atlantic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean131Intro > The Bottom Half
2007-02-27 The NorVa, Norfolk, VA102Wife Soup > Panama
2007-04-11 Calvin Theatre, Northampton, MA191The Bottom Half > The Bottom Half
2007-05-04 House of Blues, New Orleans, LA132JaJunk > JaJunkbegan with Rosanna (Toto) tease
2007-05-31 Lafayette Square, Buffalo, NY51Hurt Bird Bath > 40's Theme
2007-07-05 Henry Maier Festival Park, Milwaukee, WI172Der Bluten Kat > Der Bluten Kat
2007-10-17 9:30 Club, Washington, DC282The Bottom Half-> I Ran
2008-02-11 Majestic Ventura Theatre, Ventura, CA302Got Your Milk (Right Here) > Words
2008-04-02 House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach, SC18e*** > Uncommon
2008-04-19 Ram's Head Live!, Baltimore, MD131Rocker Part 2 > Africa
2008-07-25 Theater of Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA281Hangover > Gulf Stream
2008-09-12 The Granada Theater, Dallas, TX131Intentions Clear > Example 1
2008-10-11 Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT82Higgins > Higgins
2008-12-29 The Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL272Gulf StreamHajimemashitewith Jeff Coffin on saxophone
2009-02-21 The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC171Search 4 > The Fuzz
2009-03-27 The Pageant, St. Louis, MO111The Bottom Half > Cemetery Walk
2009-04-16 Taft Theatre, Cincinnati, OH12e*** > Thin Air
2009-04-29 The Bama Theatre, Tuscaloosa, AL312nd Self > Alex's House
2009-05-30 The Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH8e***-> Regulate
2009-07-12 Waterfront Park, Louisville, KY161*** > Sociable Jimmy
2009-08-15 Mulberry Mountain, Ozark, AR7e*** > JaJunk
2009-09-09 Varsity Theatre, Baton Rouge, LA71August > 13 Days
2009-10-08 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH142Bright Lights, Big City > You Can't Blame the Youthwith So What (Miles Davis) teases
2009-10-24 Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR62Baba O'Riley > Divisions
2009-11-11 The Opera House, Toronto, ON71Intentions Clear > Andy's Last Beer
2009-12-13 Hedonism III, Runaway Bay, Jamaica1212x2 > Partyin' Peeps
2010-01-17 Knitting Factory, Reno, NV71Morning Song > Q*Bert
2010-02-09 WorkPlay Soundstage, Birmingham, AL102Ocean BillyReelin' in the Yearswith Born Under a Bad Sign (Albert King) and Meeting in the Aisle (Radiohead) jams; 2nd Self teases
2010-07-11 Tag's Summer Stage, Big Flats, NY441August > Slacker
2010-08-04 Saranac Brewery, Utica, NY81Spires > Mail Package
2010-09-29 The Orpheum Theatre, Flagstaff, AZ151Good Ol' Boys > Out Of Order
2011-02-09 Belly Up Aspen, Aspen, CO431Alex's House > Wife Soup
2011-07-02 The Crossroads KC, Kansas City, MO421Steppin' Razor > 40's Theme
2011-09-14 Capitol Center for the Arts, Concord, NH2312x2 > Dim Sunwith Brendan and Jake on acoustics
2011-10-20 The Bluebird Nightclub, Bloomington, IN101Rocker Part 2 > Puppet String
2011-12-31 The Pageant, St. Louis, MO211The Floor > Divisionswith Rocket Queen (Guns N' Roses) teases
2012-08-11 The Klein, Bridgeport, CT741Words > Passing
2012-10-27 Riverside Theater, Milwaukee, WI282Ace of Long Nights > Mulche's Odysseywith Can't You Hear Me Knockin' (Rolling Stones) teases
2012-12-30 The Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA122Nemo > Nemo
2013-01-25 The Ritz, Raleigh, NC91White Man's MoccasinsWellwishers
2013-02-14 The Metropolitan Theatre, Morgantown, WV112I Want You (She's So Heavy) ***with Home (The New Deal) jam
2013-03-09 The Wilma Theatre, Missoula, MT71Room to Breathe-> Through the Cracks
2013-06-20 Full Moon Resort, Big Indian, NY331White Man's MoccasinsThe Linear
2013-07-07 CEFCU Center Stage at The Landing, Peoria, IL81Anchor Drops > 2nd Self
2013-08-28 Time Warner Uptown Amphitheatre, Charlotte, NC111Sociable Jimmy-> Cocaine
2013-10-21 The State Theatre, State College, PA112Black Water-> Pipeline
2013-10-21 The State Theatre, State College, PA02Pipeline ***
2014-03-12 Ashland Armory, Ashland, OR371Cemetery Walk-> Phil's Farmwith Phil's Farm teases
2014-07-04 Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO421Der Bluten Kat > Der Bluten Kat
2014-08-08 Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH111Mad Love-> A Go Go
2014-08-30 House of Blues, Lake Buena Vista, FL9113 Days > Room to Breathe
2015-01-29 Tennessee Theatre, Knoxville, TN311Educated Guess > Slacker
2015-03-13 Galena Street & Cooper Avenue, Aspen, CO211Cut the Cable > Loose Ends
2015-08-06 Canalside, Buffalo, NY381Domino Theory > Final Word
2015-12-06 Breathless Punta Cana Resort & Spa, Punta Cana, DR241The Floor-> Sociable Jimmywith Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin) teases
2016-02-04 State Theatre, Portland, ME131E.T.I.Mad Love
2016-03-17 Belly Up Aspen, Aspen, CO141The Floor-> No Diablo
2016-04-09 The Ritz, Raleigh, NC91Mulche's Odyssey > Wife Soup
2016-07-03 Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO241AttachmentsIn The Blackwith One Nation Under a Groove (Funkadelic) teases
2016-08-04 CEFCU Center Stage at The Landing, Peoria, IL82Forks > Make It Right
2016-09-23 North Charleston Coliseum, North Charleston, SC181Cut the Cable > Remind Me
2017-01-15 The Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA191No Diablo > 2nd Self
2017-03-17 Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV232The Floor > Comma Later
2017-05-27 Three Sisters Park, Chillicothe, IL191*** > Morning Song
2017-08-10 Symphony Park at SouthPark Mall, Charlotte, NC171Mad Love > 2nd Self
2017-10-21 Garcia's at the Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY151Example 1 > 2nd Self
2018-03-08 Belly Up Aspen, Aspen, CO3711348Half Delayedwith The Next Movement (The Roots) jam
2018-08-19 Tennessee Theatre, Knoxville, TN401Red Tape > Intentions Clearwith The Next Movement (The Roots) jam; "Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics
2019-02-16 Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn, NY421DeeperMantis
2019-03-10 The Hive, Sandpoint, ID111Loose Ends > Mail Package
2019-08-17 St. Augustine Amphitheatre, St. Augustine, FL381Mail PackageGot Your Milk (Right Here)
2019-11-02 The Fillmore, Philadelphia, PA231Similar SkinMulche's Odyssey
2020-02-01 The Fillmore, Detroit, MI181Make It Right > Sociable Jimmywith Can't You Hear Me Knocking (Rolling Stones) tease
2020-02-15 Arena, Asheville, NC51***Similar Skin
2021-04-30 Atlanta Motor Speedway, Hampton, GA211Conduit > Conduitwith Conduit and Glide (The New Deal) teases
2021-06-19 Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO101*** > Thin Air
2021-08-08 Avondale Brewing Company, Birmingham, AL152Hindsight > Uncommon
2021-11-20 The NorVa, Norfolk, VA222Whistle Kids > Room to Breathewith A Go Go (John Scofield) tease and Freedom! '90 (George Michael) quote
2022-02-12 House of Blues, Boston, MA151*** > Example 1
2022-03-19 Belly Up Aspen, Aspen, CO102*** > Higgins
2022-07-08 Paper Mill Island Amphitheater, Baldwinsville, NY252Maybe SomedayIntentions Clear
2022-09-10 KettleHouse Amphitheater, Bonner, MT221Hiccup > Wife Soup
2023-01-19 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY91Hiccup > 2x2
2023-03-02 Midtown Ballroom, Bend, OR171Wide Open ***
2023-04-13 Jannus Live, St. Petersburg, FL91Always October > Hiccup
2023-06-04 State Theatre, Portland, ME161Out of Focus > New Wings
2024-01-14 The National, Richmond, VA371Uncle Wally > Hiccup
2024-02-07 The Bluebird Nightclub, Bloomington, IN101Fenced In > Front Porch

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